Venue in the Netherlands

You and your family can enjoy a wonderful glamping holiday without needing to leave the Netherlands! Join us at De Glamping in Zeewolde for your next staycation and find local accommodation that feels like you’re in another world!

Our campground is situated in the middle of a forest, surrounded by lush vegetation and serene sunsets. With loads of on-site facilities, games, and activities - you can enjoy a great holiday without leaving the premises.

Top Family Holiday Activities

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On-site activities like a sand-water playground, swing, trampoline, and camp fireplace.
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On-site communal wellness facilities like the pool, sun lounging area, sauna, and jacuzzi hot tub.
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Football (with goals), volleyball (with net), badminton, boules, archery, table tennis, SUP rental, and more!

Looking To
Retreat Into Nature?

The Staatsbosbeheer walking path is directly accessible from our campsite and leads to the Hulkesteinse forest. Explore the lush vegetation, many tree species, puddles brimming with life, and the growing dragonfly population as you breathe fresh forest air along your nature walk.

When you make it through the forest, you’re welcomed by the Laaksestrand and the prehistoric Laakse Slek (which has been recently revived). As you sit down and relax, you may even take a moment to contemplate the many creatures that have roamed these banks thousands of years before you have. And just before time slips away completely, you’re brought back to the present as you gaze over the panoramic view of the Gelderland coast.

What is meant by

A staycation is simply a holiday in your home country rather than taking a trip abroad. It’s both a noun and verb and is what’s known as a portmanteau of ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’.

What Our Guests Have To Say

From family getaways to couples retreats, corporate events, and more - we’ve enjoyed hosting some wonderful people over the years. Here are some of the experiences shared by our previous guests:

  • Chris S
    A really lovely place to get away from the busy world, but still close enough to quickly go to beautiful cities.
    Chris S
  • Jesse N
    Beautiful nature and wonderful wellness facilities. There is also a lot to do near the campsite.
    Jesse N
  • Karin A
    Wonderful glamping experience! The tents have everything you need & the staff are really friendly.
    Karin A